Ads Clarity + Confidence:

Create Your List Building or Webinar Ad Campaign

...the right way


🔜 Starts Monday, April 8th!

Join me for this 2 week video + FREE coaching workshop. You'll be able to:

  • Confidently build your Webinar or List Building Ad - step-by-step

  • Lean on me for the As to your Qs as you go through the campaign set up process; I'll be right beside you for free coaching + support!

  • Unravel the whole Standard Event vs. Custom Conversion knot once and for all...because it is one of THE most important things to get right in your ad set up!

  • Get ready to read those results...which metrics matter and what to keep an eye on.

  • Understand the Audience Layering Strategy and how to implement it yourself...beyond this one campaign! After all, we're growing a business not just an email list, right?!

  • PS: Don't worry if you join in later than Monday; we'll get you all caught up in no time!

Please note: The "pitch-free" version of this workshop is full; I'll be shooting a new video soon but until then, please know that I WILL be talking about FB Ads Coaching in this workshop starting April 8th.

Please keep an eye on my FB Page if you're looking for another pitch-free version. We do them quarterly or whenever we have new material to test drive! 

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