Wondering Which FB/IG Ads Coaching Program is Right for You?

Whether you're brand new to FB/IG Ads or have been DIYing it for awhile, I can help you shed the worry & frustration and learn to feel confident on the Ads Platform.


All you need to do is raise your hand and solemnly swear:


"I'm done wasting time and money on FB/IG Ads & trying

to DIY my way to success.

I'm ready to have a pro on my side."


Please note: THIS IS NOT A COURSE! Let's get serious. You don't have time for another dang course, impersonal content or boring trainings. But it's definitely: no more DIY, no more wasting money, no more wondering if you know what you're doing.


Instead, we're going to take 4 weeks and kick-start your FB/IG Ads progress...together. Through a combination of hand-in-hand coaching and LIVE training (or a self-paced DIY version if you'd like!), and lots of screen-sharing interactions, we're going to give you a blueprint and the EXACT steps you need to follow for your own unique Ads success. Based on your goals, not anyone else's.

One time purchase; One month LIVE support during June/July 2019


Have a little more experience on the platform? Taken a FB Ads training already, perhaps? Already have some ads running? This is a great place to dive in. Unlike traditional courses, this isn't about modules and worksheets, oh my. We're here to get your Ads fixed, find opportunities for optimization, review + create effective campaign strategies, and understand results...together.


No contract, no commitment.


DIY might have worked for awhile, but it's time to put a pro on your team...even if you can't swing the $1500/mo Ads Manager that you're dreaming about. This is your affordable bridge to experienced advice WHILE you're growing your business.

Monthly subscription; no contract; starts today!

Cheers to YOUR success!

Tracy Leigh Morgan, Tracy by Design | New Orleans & Minneapolis

Hey there! I’m Tracy Leigh Morgan and I’m an audience building strategist & sherpa for go-getter business owners. Simply put: I'm your FB/IG Ads Fairy Godmother.


My clients are entrepreneurs with belly fire, grit, and open hearts. They are resourceful and tenacious and just need support, a little extra knowledge, and to generally be pointed in the right direction. They are in love with their customers and their businesses, and they are laser-focused on growth, improvement, and fueling the bottom line.


Because, after all, successful business results means that we get to do MORE of what we love, and impact MORE people in the process. Yes!

Official-like Bio Thing:

Tracy Leigh Morgan is a 25+ year marketing strategist with experience in retail, tech, hospitality, publishing, non-profit, and events. Her expertise includes starting and growing businesses of all sizes, product/service creation, marketing, and strategic planning.


In the online world, her focus has been on digital product development, audience building, offer creation, online marketing, and staying on top of tech, tools, and learning in a rapidly changing environment. Now she just grooves on FB/IG Ads!

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