Let's grow your audience with

FB + IG Ads. . . together! 


You're thinking 2019 end game, aren't you? You're ready to up-level your digital marketing.


Your business is set to grow and it's time to {finally} get your head around how to use ads, do more with social marketing, make use of PR & earned media features...once and for all. THIS year, you're going to have your gameface on.


THIS year, you're going to turn paid social advertising into your very own 24/7, audience-building machine.


But, you'd also like to know you're not going to dive in alone...there's money on the line, after all. Even when you do your own.


Because, let's be honest. What if...

  • You have questions about your ad set up?
  • You're not sure about your copywriting or your audience targeting?
  • That landing page isn't converting well?
  • You've got an active ad that's tanking and you need to tweak it?
  • You've got an active ad that's CRUSHING and you want to scale it bigger?
  • You're not sure what all the new "news" out of the FB team really means for your own ads?
  • You just want to throw ideas around with people who actually know what conversion, CPM and landing page views really mean?

Well, the Audience Activation Studio was designed for you.


Because I'm all for a "do your own" approach, but not "do it all by yourself without a safety net or spotter, for Pete's sake" kind of vibe. 


(And we really do need to think about Pete sometimes.)


So, instead we're going to take a group of gritty, growth-focused entrepreneurs; add in live Office Hours & Workshops each month; layer on professional, tested advice, and ninja-like ad skillz; and band together for good. For growth. FTW, even!


Audience Activation Studio

The on-demand(ish) Ads coaching + support for go-getter, growing businesses.


Read: This is some no fluff, learn while doing, get shit done, make real progress with your

Facebook™ and Instagram™ Ads kinda program.


And we're in it together.


Here's how we'll collaborate.

 Weekly Office Hours + Monthly Workshops

Each week, I'll have my Zoom "office doors" open for Office Hours where we can share screens, dig into your ads, talk about campaign strategy & set up, and answer any and all questions you might have. Hands on happiness, folks. Jump in, get your questions answered, and get on with your life.


This is where the magic happens. No more wondering or waffling, not sure-ing or boosting-without-a-clue-ing. And no need to wait for a scheduled call. Just drop in!


One and two hour windows will be available at varied times during the week so you can always reach out. (Expect a minimum of 4 sessions each week, and 1-2 weekend slots each month.)


Then, once each month we'll have a 60 min live Workshop call where we'll either Hotseat, Masterclass, or jam on Strategic Planning together. These sessions will be recorded if you can't make it live, and I'll address any questions sent in advance too. 

Private FB group


​We have a paid-members-only FB group where any digital marketing questions can be addressed between calls.


I will respond to all questions within 24 hours during business hours. (But let's face it: I'm kinda always on Facebook so that's likely to mean a lot quicker response time. I just like to set expectations up front!)


You'll have everything you need. And, even better, you'll learn from each other as well as from me. Win win win.

Other Smarty Pants Stuff


As you probably well know, the digital marketing playing field changes often enough to make your head spin. And I'm in the trenches daily - I invest real money and tons of time on courses & ongoing training, I listen to all the relevant (and maybe-slightly-nerdy) podcasts, and I am active in groups where I get the 411 right from the horse's mouth.


That means you can look to me to be the gatherer of information, interpreter of bullshit, and disseminator of wisdom that will actually help you. I'll cull out what you need to know, put it into a framework that makes sense for your business and tell you exactly what action to take - or what NOT to do with the information.


I also hold impromptu Happier Hours in our private FB group periodically (outside of our normal gathering times). Use this time for on-the-fly Q&As or just to come in and say hi, tell us how your day is going, etc. BYOB is always encouraged for these sessions. I love wine + bourbon. But not mixed together, ok?

What's REAL confidence?

How about an Ads-wielding, way-finding sherpa on your shoulder.

Listen, I know that the PAID social media marketing game feels overwhelming & a bit risky when you're floating out there on your own. That's why this program was created.

It's time to team up.

I've worked with Tracy on FB ad campaigns + strategies to connect with the people I want to work with to change the way we do business as co-founders. I adore her. She's easy to work with, creative, and good at what she does.

Stacy Fischer

Co-Founder Business Coach

The W Collective

Tracy knows all the ins and out of this very dynamic platform and leveraged her experience to save me time and money "hunting & pecking" for a message and creative that worked for my business - targeting, ad copy, images, refining my landing page, all of it. 


All of this knowledge bundled in an articulate, fun and personable package!

Pam Ostrowski

CEO/Real Estate Marketing Wingman

S.O.S., Inc.

I just finished going through your video training and setting up some ads- WOW! Great lesson! You provide incredible content and value i this video, thank you SO much for sharing!! That was the easiest to follow and understand facebook training I've maybe ever had- thanks so much!

Kellsie Moore

Mindset Transformation Coach

Be Marvelous You


Doors close Friday night...

and won't open again until fall.


Choose the program that works best for you.

Whether you're looking for cash-flow friendly monthly payments OR enhanced 1:1 support and higher-touch access, I'm here for you. Read below to learn how you can optimize the group program to meet all your needs.


Cash-flow friendly monthly payments.

$297/ per month

  • Weekly live Office Hours 

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Feedback on Campaign & Landing Page, copy/creative, set up and strategies... whatever you need!

  • A Masterclass! Each month I'll present a 60-90 min live masterclass...and you'll help decide the topics!

  • PLUS *New Member* BONUSES...see below

* VIP *

You want to learn, but you also want extra 1:1 support.

$597/ per month

  • Upgrade for more extensive coaching & 1:1 support than what's available in a group format.


    ** Limited to 4 members **


    This program adds:

  • 2 Monthly 1:1 calls Private 45mn Zoom calls each month mean we can discuss strategy, interpret results, fine-tune offers, dive into technical details, etc. Whatever you need; this is 100% YOU time.

  • Weekly campaign & account sneak peek, feedback and recommendations from me

  • Unlimited FB Messenger access within business hours; expect a 4-6 hour response but...yep...it will probably happen faster. #fbaddict 🤷🏼‍♀️

New Member Bonuses!

Woohooo! Grab these limited time EXTRAS to get moving even faster.


Enrollment Fee

For you, we're skipping that. 💥












1:1 Strategy Session

All new AAS members will receive a free 45 min 1:1 session with me during their first 60 days as a member!


We'll talk through and nail down your Ads strategy for the coming 90 days to determine:

  • Which campaigns you'll run
  • Which audiences you'll target
  • How you'll align your audience growth with your end product so you can be sure you're acting strategically with each and every ad dollar you spend


...and then we'll close up shop until early fall

& focus on serving all our amazing members.

Join us!



Hi, I’m Tracy Leigh Morgan and I’m an audience building strategist & sherpa for go-getter business owners.


My clients are entrepreneurs with belly fire, grit, and open hearts. They are resourceful and tenacious and just need support, a little extra knowledge, and to generally be pointed in the right direction. They are in love with their customers and their businesses, and they are laser-focused on growth, improvement, and fueling the bottom line.


Because, after all, successful business results means that we get to do MORE of what we love, and impact MORE people in the process. Yes!

Official-like Bio Thing:

Tracy Leigh Morgan is a 25+ year marketing strategist with experience in retail, tech, hospitality, publishing, non-profit, and events. Her expertise includes starting and growing businesses of all sizes, product/service creation, marketing, and strategic planning.


In the online world, her focus has been on digital product development, audience building, offer creation, online marketing, and staying on top of tech, tools, and learning in a rapidly changing environment.











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