JUNE 28th, 10am CT!

You'll walk away knowing...

  • Exactly what you'll need to get started with your next promotion

  • The steps you can take NOW to "prime the pump" and make sure your ads have the best chance for success...before you're ready to collect all those email addresses

  • How to confidently navigate the pro-level FB Ads Platform so you can place ads on FB, IG, Stories and more...no more Boost button!

  • The way to completely eliminate the ONE problem that plagues 80+% of new advertiser's conversions (aka, lead generation) campaigns

  • What to do with the information you learn in your early campaigns...so the next ones can be even better

  • PS: Don't worry...I'll send you a reminder when we get closer to the workshop date + time!


Hi, I’m Tracy Leigh Morgan and I’m an audience building strategist & sherpa for go-getter business owners. Specifically: I coach YOU to grow your own audiences.


My coaching clients are entrepreneurs with belly fire, grit, and open hearts. They are resourceful and tenacious and just need support, a little extra knowledge, and to generally be pointed in the right direction. They are in love with their customers and their businesses, and they are laser-focused on growth, improvement, and fueling the bottom line - no matter where they are in their entrepreneurial journey.


All levels of experience welcomed here!


Because, after all, successful business results means that we get to do MORE of what we love, and impact MORE people in the process. Yes!


Official-like Bio Thing:

Tracy Leigh Morgan is a 25+ year marketing strategist with experience in retail, tech, hospitality, publishing, non-profit, and events. Her expertise includes starting and growing businesses of all sizes, product/service creation, marketing, and strategic planning.


In the online world, her focus has been on digital product development, audience building, offer creation, online marketing all via FB/IG Ads...and staying on top of tech, tools, and learning in a rapidly changing environment.

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